Swimwear Trends 2013: Hot Bikini Trends for Summer

20 Feb 2013 - Swimwear

Make sure you look like a fabulous fashionista poolside or on the beach with the hottest swimwear trends 2013. Check out the summer swimwear trends that can make you look hot and the bikini trends for a sexy look.

Updating your beach wardrobe is a must, at least with a new bathing suit, and you can choose the best look for you from a variety of summer swimwear trends for 2013.

High-waisted Swimwear for 2013

The hottest look for this summer is the high-waisted swimwear. Two-piece swimsuits with a retro vibe are amongst the most popular options for the most popular swimwear trends 2013.

1950s inspired bikini and swimsuits can enhance your hips and accentuate your curves using the high waist. It's also a great look for women looking for more conservative options for the pool or the beach.

Color and Wild Prints

Make your tan truly shine with vivid colors this summer. Bright hues are overtaking the neutrals and are a must for any woman interested in swimwear trends 2013. 

Tropical colors go perfectly with bold prints as animal prints are making a comeback for this summer swimwear trends. Whether it's leopard in vivid hues or giraffe in bold color combinations, make sure you rock the animal print look this year while sunbathing.

Swimwear Trends 2013: Strapless Bandeau

You might be thrilled to find out the bandeau is making a comeback with a twist: strapless all the way. A great option for women with a less generous bosom, the strapless bandeau comes in all shapes and sizes, with ruffles for extra volume. 

Frilled tops with animal prints in wild colors are a must for anyone willing to choose the best look from the new summer swimwear trends.

Bikini Trends for Summer 2013

One-piece swimsuits aren't going anywhere, so the bikini is meeting it half-way. The hottest look this summer involved cut outs or monokinis.

With plenty of emphasis on the curves, the new swimwear for this summer features complicated straps with knots and a stylish accent on the shoulders.

Brief bikinis seem to be on their way out, as the most popular trends feature shoulder and upper arm coverage. It's not the best way to get a natural tan, but it makes for breathtaking swimwear by the pool. 

While the shoulder emphasis is great for women with triangle-shaped figures, the bikini trends for summer 2013 feature plenty of different cuts for a stylish look in the sun.

Shop the latest swimwear trends and find the perfect bikini for you!