Ash Bowie Wedge Sneakers

17 Mar 2013 - Wedges

After making a big splash in spring 2012, wedge sneakers are still trendy this year and your best choice for a stylish look is the Ash Bowie Wedge Sneaker. Find out how to rock these comfy and chic shoes.

Ash wedge sneakers come in a variety of styles that showcase the trendy elevated heel in suede with mesh inserts or other cute details that make them a great combination between sporty and stylish.

Ash Bowie Suede Sneaker Wedges

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Wearing Ash Wedge Sneakers

You can style the Ash wedge sneakers with any outfit you'd wear ankle booties or fashion sneakers with.

Ash sneakers wedges are available in different interpretations that suit your style, from the Gwen wedge, a punk shoe with gunmetal studs, to the Alex wedge sneaker with 3 tabs in muted pastels.

Enjoy the elevated heel of the Ash Bowie wedge sneakers in different colors that match any outfit, from sexy black to spring peach.

Ash Bowie Suede Sneaker Wedges

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